Improve Diversity

Reduce Unconcious Bias

Retain High Performeers

Access Untapped Potential

Weavee’s people analytics platform maps culture and performance metrics to your business's high performers, enabling you to seek out those with the most potential to succeed within your culture

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How Weavee Helps Managers Make Better Decisions

Attract and Hire the Right People

The cost of a mis-hire to an organisation is up-to five times the employees annual salary (SHRM)

Access Untapped Potential

71% of CEOs identify human capital as a competitive advantage (Harvard Business Review)

Improve High Performer Retention

1 in 4 high potential employees plans to leave your business within a year (Harvard Business Review)

Reduce Unconscious Bias

Diverse companies are more likely to take in higher financial returns (McKinsey & Co.)

Using a unique combination of personality and performance-driven data, Weavee equips you with the insights to develop your people and identify high potential candidates

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Access the untapped potential of your people

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Weavee - Discover your career

“Weavee represents the future generation of HR Technology, innovative, easy to use and unique”

by John Wilson, Group Talent and Leadership Manager at NFU Mutual
“I look forward to watching this People Analytics technology grow to its full potential and support business leaders in getting the best out of their workforce”