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The smartest way to reach your teams human capital potential

Smarter team management for leaders to create an intrisically motivated workforce

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Become the smartest leader

Reduce the costly mistakes in employee mismanagement by appealing to your teams intrinsic motivators and scientifically increasing your employee engagement

Weavee equips managers with the insights to identify and solve team management issues. Using a modern psychometric tool set you can easily reduce the attrition of people across an organization and boost the engagement in parallel

  • Weekly feedback on how your teams intrinsic motivators are being met

  • A combination of culture analytics and machine learning combine to identify your culture cornerstones

  • Measure scientifically to inform key culture engineering and business strategy decisions

Your team is motivated by altruism

low | high
Altruistic people are generous and caring, focused on the well-being of others
65% of people report their intrinsic needs are being met
low | high
Focus on cooperative social good activities to improve your engagement levels
Increase productivity by upward of 17%

Fix the hidden gaps in team design

Improve culture and employee experience nurture your team engagement through advanced analytics and managerial recommendations based on your team performance

Weavee’s culture markers are mapped to your teams. Automated, contextual and actionable recommendations are provided which highlight team competency gaps. Allowing a manager to solution through recruitment, succession or learning and development. Our process enables a business to avoid unconscious bias when seeking high potential talent, increasing the chance of success of any given team

  • Use the Big Five, an industry strength psychometric, for improving team cohesion

  • Instant feedback on strength and weaknesses in team dynamic based on your objectives

  • Best in class organizational network analysis for making holistic decisions

Natural Alignment to Innovation - 100%

No team gaps identified, keep up the good work!

Natural Alignment to Inclusivity - 75%

Gap identified: Your team scores low on trust
low | high
Focus on trust building activities and increasing transparency
Increase customer retention by upward of 18%

Increase employee engagement

Gain comparative insight into UK human capital potential employee sentiment and predicted business issues, where does your company rank?

Every person on Weavee is given advice on how their personal development decisions affect their career opportunities. Using huge datasets and industry norms to automatically find what's right. Self empowerment and understanding is a key driver of employee wellbeing, happiness and performance

  • Feedback on how your personality fits to different leadership styles and corporate values

  • Check ins, actionable items and tips on how to maximize personal needs and fulfillment

  • Automatic potential career paths mapping, providing transparency on how personal development decisions affect opportunities

Are you ensuring your company is
meeting peoples intrinsic needs?
motivating people correctly to go above and beyond?
understanding why people love working at the company?
Increase profitability by upward of 21%