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We enable leaders to create and maintain an inclusive, psychologically safe workplace

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How we help you become the smartest leader

“Psychological safety drives effectiveness because it inspires a learning culture, which is beneficial to any organization” - Google

Every team member completes the Weavee Career Personality Appraisal

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You receive insight into Team DNA and actionable advice and tips

Insights into personality, motivations, leadership style and values
Advice on meeting employee intrinsic needs and career development plans
Ranking for psychological safety
Advice on how to achieve psychological safety

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Your team receives regular career advice matched to their personality

Tips to become intrinsically motivated to go above and beyond
Advice on how to be inclusive within a team
Inspiration to increase psychological safety
Career tips and tactics to perform better

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Low psychological safety decreases individual and team performance by up to 36% - where does your company rank?