The Science of Building Winning Teams

Choose a role and discover your Teams DNA...

What can you achieve with Team DNA?

By understanding Team DNA through the lens of role, project and personality fit you enable improved team cohesion; leading to better profitability and improved team health.

50% reduction in team conflict and mistakes
3x increase in profitability via enhanced team design
200% reduction in existing psychometric costs
100% increase in customer satisfaction

Mobilise & Deliver Projects Using Team DNA

Understand people's team contribution

Less than 2% of role descriptions address trait tolerances yet it impacts every workplace facet. Traits applied properly to workplace scenarios help the team naturally succeed

Did you know?

2 million job descriptions on Weavee, only 1.5% ask for a "team player"

Enhance team design, propel your growth

Even a simple misalignment in team traits can create negative business shockwaves that cost time and money while also increasing the overall risk profile of projects. We can mitigate that risk

Did you know?

49% of team conflict is a result of personality clashes and “warring egos”

Getting to the right team composition

The Scientific principles of Team DNA predict the optimal team composition. One missed factor can change fortunes. Hidden team design issues impact you, your people and your growth

Did you know?

Per 100 employees a 30% Team DNA gap can equal £90,000 in baseline lost earning

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