Career progression

Starting a career in asset management as a graduate opens up many opportunities.
Asset management

Starting a career in asset management as a graduate opens up many opportunities. 

For those who choose to work in investment, you could aim to become a fund manager. There are plenty of other interesting areas of asset management, however, and you could also choose to progress into a senior business role in one of these areas.

You could also choose to move into a investment-related role at an investment bank, and you'd also be well-equipped for an investment-related role in business.

Here's a guide to some of your options if you start a career in asset management:

Career goals in asset management

Career goals in asset management: fund manager

Fund managers head the investment teams responsible for particular funds at asset management firms, leading the research process and being ultimately responsible for any investment decisions made. The asset management industry associates fund managers very closely with the performances of their funds, and makes stars of the very best of them.

Career goals in asset management: another senior role in asset management

There's more to asset management than investment management, and other senior roles to aim for. For example, you could head a team in charge of risk management, client relationships, understanding and promoting investment products, investment technology, or internal finance and business management.

Career goals in asset management: investment-related role in banking

If you start your career at an asset management firm there's scope to move to an investment bank and progress there. You could work in an investment bank's asset management arm, or move to the sell-side, advising asset management firms on which companies or other assets they should invest in and assisting them as they do so.

Career goals in asset management: investment-related role in business

Investment management and related areas are an important part of the corporate world as many large businesses have pension funds and other assets to invest. Therefore, there are interesting senior roles available here for those with asset management experience.

Work-life balance in asset management

Whatever path your career takes, you'll find that the asset management sector takes work-life balance and flexible working very seriously.

So while working in asset management can mean a challenging and intense career, you should be able to find space for the rest of your life too.