The anatomy of Barclays: wealth management

Kieran Corcoran explores graduate roles at this universal bank
Asset management
Where to work

Katie Campbell

  • BSc Economics, LSE, 2008-11
  • Joined Barclays in 2011

What we do

We help our clients acquire, protect, enjoy and pass on their wealth. The work we do is very much tailored to the client - there's an emphasis on providing a personal service. We could be advising them on investment decisions, setting up trust funds for them, or providing them with everyday banking services while they're abroad.

My role

At the moment I'm in the chief executive's office. I've been working directly with him, his chief of staff, and the wider investment management strategy team on projects that have been rolled out across the whole division, which is exciting.

My graduate programme

Every graduate is initially placed with a team of private bankers and you help manage relationships with their clients, which involves a range of tasks. The programme includes three rotations outside of your core team - one developing our products, one in the wider wealth business and one internationally.

In April, I'm starting my international placement in Singapore, which I'm very much looking forward to. The beauty of the rotations is that you get an insight into how the entire business works.

Working across Barclays

Although we deal with individuals, our clients are often owners or board members of companies which require the services of both the investment and the corporate bank, so we put these clients in touch with the right people. Also, the investment bank provides a lot of the financial products and research that we use, so makes a huge contribution to what we do.

Qualities you need to work here

You need to display a degree of empathy because you're working with individuals, but also a lot of commercial awareness. It's nice to have a bit of personality too; we often speak to clients on a daily basis, and it helps if they look forward to speaking to you on the phone as well as knowing they'll get the advice or assistance they need.

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