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News, Free

iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

What it's all about: This brand-new app claims to bring something fresh to the crowded current events apps marketplace.

Why it's special: Circa has two USPs. First, unlike most news apps, it doesn't feed you reformatted versions of news stories originally written for a website. Instead, the Circa team rewrite the news into bite-sized chunks, which could mean as charts or graphics. Second, you can scroll down from each story you check out to see related stories from past months or years.

*When you'll use it: *It's perfect for scanning the news on the move. And if you need to watch the progress of an story, you can "follow" it, which means you'll be automatically alerted each time there are developments.

The feature we love most: Its clean and sharp design.

The Economist World in Figures

Economic data, Free

Android; Blackberry; iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

*What it's all about: *World in Figures is an electronic goldmine of global data backed by hugely-respected publication The Economist.

*Why it's special: *It's a powerful yet easy to use way to find and manipulate data on a huge range of economic, political and social topics.

*When you'll use it: *In a hurry and need to find the GDP of Andorra, or which country has the third-highest life expectancy? Easy. (£2.4 billion and Switzerland, by the way.) But you'll also find yourself exploring the app just for fun when you have some time to kill, and might end up reading about a country you didn't even know existed, or discovering which nation's inhabitants go to the cinema the most.

The feature we love most: The "Trivia" button - use it for an instant, slightly geeky, pub quiz.

ChartIQ Practice Trading Simulator

Finance, £5.99


*What it's all about: *This app lets you test your trading potential against the backdrop of a range of historical markets - could you have made money as the 2008 financial crash approached? Or the 1929 Wall Street Crash?

*Why it's special: *You'll have to spend a little to get it, but buying this app could be a great investment as you'll get some very high-quality tools to help you analyse your trading performance in depth.

*When you'll use it: *Playing around with this app could be time well spent if you're preparing to apply to work in trading. And if you're about to try your luck in the real markets with some of your own cash, ChartIQ provides a useful dry run.

*The feature we love most: *The "Projection Tool" turns your thoughts about the market into customised price predictions.


The City, Free (though charges apply for some elements of "Dark London")

Android; iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

*What it's all about: *Streetmuseum allows you to access the City's past through fascinating images and historical details. There's also Roman and Dickensian spin-offs- "Streetmuseum Londonium" and "Dark London" respectively.

Why it's special: It digs deep into London's history to show there's a lot more to the City than today's skyscrapers, and illustrates how its past is often still part of its present.

*When you'll use it: *If you're here for an interview or on an internship it's a great way to understand more about where you are. You could also use Streetmuseum to discover parts of the City you might otherwise miss.

*The feature we love most: *"3D view" lets you use your iPhone to superimpose a historical image of your location onto its appearance today. And the "Dark London" audio clips provide a very spooky taste of the capital in Victorian times.


Education, Free

Android; BlackBerry; iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

What it's all about: From educational not-for-profit organisation TED, this app gives you instant access to a huge range of inspirational talks.

Why it's special: TED created a new educational and cultural genre and has attracted a huge range of superstar speakers since its founding in 1984, from Bill Clinton to Jamie Oliver to Sarah Silverman. Tickets for TED events can be hard to get, but this app makes the organisation's huge video library available to everyone.

When you'll use it: TED talks are generally around 15 minutes long, so they're perfect for daily journeys, or the app can help you craft a longer playlist. What's more, once you've downloaded the app, you can watch the videos even when you're offline.

*The feature we love most: *Press "Inspire Me" and you'll get to take your pick from talks in categories like "Jaw-Dropping", "Beautiful" and "Fascinating".