Entering the Consulting Industry

A general introduction to a competitive but rewarding career path

Consulting is an umbrella term covering many topics within the same category and industry. There are many topics considered fields within consulting, for example, management consulting, strategy consulting, IT consulting. These are just naming a few, there is an abundant amount of other fields which fall into the category of consulting. To keep it short, consulting can be defined as the engagement of giving expert advice to professionals. Experts connecting with experts.

In order to give you some insight into the consulting industry, we have gathered some grand tips on entering the consulting industry. To give you a full perspective, we have also accumulated some interview tips for you. This, in turn, will broaden your knowledge on the field as well as allowing you to evaluate if this is the right career path for you.

Expectations, Pros and Cons of the consulting market

Before entering the consulting market it is a good idea to have the basic know-how on the industry in terms of what to expect, advantages and disadvantages. First of all, it should be said that the consulting industry is a fiercely competitive field to enter. It takes heart and dedication, but once in, it truly provides a platform for accelerating growth both professionally and personally. With that being said, the field is highly demanding not only to enter but also to be successful in. So be prepared for long hours, tight deadlines, and numerous client meetings.

Despite this, consulting allows you to be strategic, compose mission-driven work, and provides you with great responsibility to diversify your knowledge. Not only does it allow for great opportunities to learn but also gives you the freedom to contribute your ideas, showing your worth as well as branding yourself.

As a consultant, you are granted the opportunity to evolve your networking skills in a professional sense while also allowing your personality to shine. Also do not forget the monetary aspect, of course, a career in the consulting industry can be very financially profitable!

There are heaps of digital platforms to supply you with consulting jobs, both in the case of permanent employment and freelancing jobs. Considering the freelancer route brings a whole other aspect to the consulting industry. It allows you to have higher flexibility, independence, selectivity with work/clients, and much more. Going the freelance route is definitely another path to look at. All in all, it can be said that the consulting industry is not for everyone. The aspect you need to consider now is if the hard work pays off.

Interview tips for Consultants

If a consulting career sounds of interest to you, then please read on to find some top tips for nailing a consulting interview.

At the top of the list, the most crucial tip we can give is to have the basics down. Knowing why you want to be a consultant and why you want to work at that particular consulting firm is a must. With regards to knowing the basics, this also includes being knowledgeable about the industry and current business events. This, in turn, will make you stand out and seem insightful.

You need to keep in mind that, this is the one shot you have and so you need to really sell yourself. Promote your key strengths in a structured framework with a transparent thought process.

Another tip is to convey confidence in yourself and your answers. Do not be afraid to be yourself, showing your natural charisma and drawing on your personal experiences.

Finally, an excellent tip before entering the interview is to be fully prepared for your interview. The most important is to prepare early. Practicing with a buddy and thinking of possible answers to difficult questions is also a valuable way to prepare. Preparation takes time and effort in order to achieve your goal of landing the job. Just remember to breathe, listen to the interviewer and answer in a clear manner.

That sums it up!

All things considered, entering the consulting industry is a challenging process as well as being a highly demanding field to be successful in. On top of that, consulting gives a rewarding end result with lots of perks. As mentioned before, there are countless and very diverse fields of consulting to enter. Do you want to focus on strategic work? Or are you stronger with IT? Or do you want to be your own boss and go the freelancer direction? There is so much to consider when entering the consulting industry, it is therefore advised that you take your time in making the best decision for you.

Written by Malou Mayland

Content writer at Qemploy.com