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Investment banking

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Morgan Stanley in a sentence

Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial services firm with offices in more than 43 countries that provides investment banking, securities, investment management and wealth management services to clients worldwide including corporations, governments, institutions and individuals.


Financial services

Type of organisation

Public company


New York

Opportunities for graduates

Graduate schemes in Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, Investment Management, IT/technology, Global Capital Markets, Equity Research, Real Estate Investing, Operations and Finance.

Internship positions for 2015

350-400 across our European locations

Introducing Morgan Stanley

Becci McKinley-Rowe is a managing director at Morgan Stanley and Head of the Global Equity Sales Team. She joined the firm in 2000 as an associate and became a managing director in 2009. Becci was recently included in a list of the 100 most influential women in European financial markets published by Financial News. Here Becci answers some key questions about Morgan Stanley.

How would you introduce Morgan Stanley?

Morgan Stanley advises, originates and manages capital for institutions, corporates, governments and individuals. Our goal is to develop solutions for our clients, through the collaboration and support of all the businesses within Morgan Stanley, from Investment Banking to Wealth Management.

Where and when did Morgan Stanley start life, and what would you say are the key milestones in its history?

Since its founding in 1935, Morgan Stanley and its people have helped redefine the meaning of financial services. The firm has continually broken new ground in advising clients on strategic transactions, in pioneering the global expansion of finance and capital markets, and in providing new opportunities for individual and institutional investors. If you look at a timeline of Morgan Stanley's growth, you'll see it parallels the history of modern finance.

What are the main areas of Morgan Stanley's business today?

There are essentially three main pillars to our business.

The oldest of these is Institutional Securities, which provides investment banking services across several divisions: Capital Markets, M&A, Sales and Trading, and Research.

The second area is Investment Management, which manages assets on behalf of institutional and retails clients. Within this there are several smaller divisions, focusing on specific asset classes including: Equities, Fixed Income, Alternatives, Private Equity and Real Estate.

And the third area is Wealth Management, which manages assets and provides investment advisory services for our private clients.

What makes Morgan Stanley stand out as a graduate employer in financial services ?

First of all, it's really about the scale of the opportunities that are on offer to graduates. We hire more than 1,000 analysts and associates into our global programmes each year and recruit from 270 universities and colleges worldwide.

Another area that differentiates us from other financial institutions is we have a number of strings to our bow: we combine a leading global investment bank with world class investment and wealth management businesses. While many companies will claim to have expertise across the financial services spectrum, there are not many that can claim to be leading players in all of these fields.

The global growth of the firm and our strength across these difference business areas means the opportunities we're able to offer our graduates are among the best in the industry.

Why did you choose to work for Morgan Stanley and what keeps you there?

I genuinely love what I do and I feel proud of the firm I work for. Even after nearly 15 years at the firm I still learn something new every day and I am surrounded by bright and engaging colleagues. Everyone's opinion matters, and I like the meritocratic structure.

When I was first interviewed for an associate position in 2000, I could see that people here were not only passionate about the firm's brand and reputation but also about what they could do for my career.

Since then, I have been given the tools and support to make a real difference to the firm, something that is very important to me - and what's more, I'm constantly learning and progressing. I'm someone who certainly enjoys being challenged and taken out of their comfort zone, and the fact that I'm still getting this level of enjoyment from my work leaves me in no doubt that Morgan Stanley is the right place for me.

Can you give a surprising fact about Morgan Stanley?

Did you know that, as a firm, Morgan Stanley donates more than 200,000 employee work hours to charitable causes each year?

Every June we run a global volunteer month in coordination with all our offices around the world during which employees give up their time for various community initiatives. The scheme has been running Global Volunteer Month for five years, which adds up to more than a million hours volunteered in total!