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Known as the quiet leadership style, servant leaders work behind the stage and quietly lead by example. Servant leaders have integrity, strong ethics and values, and are generous with their time and support.

This is often the leadership style of confident and optimistic introverts, they are extremely non-competitive, preferring to include the whole team in all success. These leaders respect their employee's ideas, work hard to help the team succeed, and allow them to take the spotlight for their collective achievements. They believe in the greater good and team recognition, rather than individual achievements.

They do not tell people what to do, and they do not ask people to do things they themselves are not willing to do. A servant leader is often found in NGO or charity and community type roles.

What does a higher score mean?

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You are a team-oriented leader, with ethics that create a deep concern for community-driven success. You prefer to lead by example and have no trouble letting others receive the recognition for your team’s work, believing in adding value through your work.

What does a lower score mean?

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You prefer to be rewarded and recognized for your individual achievements. Low agreeableness and team orientation, you are not driven by an ethical or moral commitment to community or team success.

To nurture your Servant Leadership:

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Consider roles where they align with your principles and ethics, you will not be happy working for a cause or company you don’t believe in. Find every opportunity to lead by example, this can even be achieved through charitable team activities, raising funds through a bike ride, or engaging by garbage pickup or building a home for the needy. This may well be considered a reward for your team if they are aligned with your ethics.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Do you work for a company that aligns to your principles and values?
  • Do you take every opportunity to lead by example?
  • Are you currently finding ways to reward your team?
  • Are there charitable events you can plan for your team?
  • Are their opportunities for your employees to show their recognition for teammates?

Examples of Servant Leaders:

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