How concern for employee wellbeing lays a foundation for effective coaching

Supportive Leadership
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Supportive leaders are often seen as individuals who focus heavily on the physical and psychological well-being of their followers, for whom they have a genuine concern.

They are similar to transformational leaders in that both types are concerned with the development of their employees and teams. These leaders inspire and motivate employees to achieve the organization's targets, whilst also building and navigating their own careers. Their vision inspires and provides a strong sense of purpose and direction.

Often referred to as team or coaching leadership, these leaders must, however, be effective coaches, able to teach and lead for this style to be effective. Roles as team captains in sports are often characterized by supportive leadership.

What does a higher score mean?

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Highly agreeable, gregarious, and cheerful, you pay attention to your emotional reactions in the workplace, and genuinely care about your teams. Relationship-oriented you want to bring your teams on your visionary journey, and provide them with a strong sense of direction.

What does a lower score mean?

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Lower trust or being highly cautious is not conducive to supportive leadership. You do not desire a team-oriented or coaching role.

To nurture your Supportive Leadership:

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Ensure you have the opportunity to coach and teach within your role. Increase team commitment by creating opportunities to bring your teams together, to inspire them, and give them direction and purpose in what they can achieve. Create trust and provide a safe environment to ensure their holistic wellbeing.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Have you trained as a coach?
  • Do you enjoy training individuals?
  • Do you have emotional self-awareness?
  • Do you like to inspire people?
  • Do you like to help people achieve their goals?

Examples of Supportive Leaders:

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