How being agile increases the continuous feedback and improvement loop

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The term agile comes from the project management method for software development but has come to describe and characterize more in common business language. It has come to mean adoption of new tools, processes, and describes being able to deliver quickly and adjust on the fly.

Agile can also apply to mindset, i.e. possessing the mindset to adapt to an agile environment, exhibiting respect, collaboration, learning, ownership, all in iterative cycles and always with a focus on adding value. For an organization this would mean adapting quickly to market forces in efforts to remain competitive.

The ability to be Agile includes dividng larger projects into shorter phases of work, with a continuous feedback and assessment loop adjusting plan and adapting to changes as required. It is a much more responsive way of working and rather than adapting to changes (like personal value “Adaptable”) it encompasses delivery of products and services with a customer-centric focus.

What does a higher score mean?

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You are highly agile, able to deliver quickly and consistently on your deliverables. You can accept constructive feedback to change and adapt your deliverable as required.

What does a lower score mean?

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You prefer a more thoughtful end-to-end process, the traditional waterfall method of project management, where you can see the end goal and work towards it as a stable and unchanging objective.

To nurture your Agility:

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Learning agility requires being confident in one’s own ability, attaining confidence and expertise, to roll with the changes and shifts inherent in projects. Find an opportunity to learn and to grow within your role. Adjust your process or actions based on what you learn, take feedback into account, and apply those learnings to create a better product or service than before.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Are you willing to seek new situations?
  • Are you willing to immerse yourself in problem-solving?
  • Do you enjoy ideation and innovation?
  • Can you cultivate curiosity and questioning to continuously learn?
  • Are you open to new perspectives and failed experiments?
  • Do you seek feedback from your team and manager?
  • Can you accept constructive criticism and apply it to the way you work?

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