How ambition can raise the bar and increase expectations

Enhance your career
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While ambition can sometimes be viewed as ruthless, in the workplace, it can be the drive and motivation for achieving great success. Showing a strong desire and determination to succeed and continually enhancing professional credentials can increase financial compensation and access to promotions.

To desire achievement or distinction, whether that be power, fame or wealth can be perceived as selfish, or greed and excessive, but these elements also reduce focus to the pursuit of an individual's goal. The willingness to strive and work hard for its attainment is what turns hope and ambition into action and achievement.

What does a higher score mean?

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You are very driven, eager and motivated, likely aiming for, and achieving, a great success. You are highly conscientious and continually raise the bar for those around you, exceeding expectations in the workplace.

What does a lower score mean?

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You are not necessarily driven by achieving awards and recognition. You are more relaxed and do not feel pressure to exceed expectations.

To nurture your ambitious nature:

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Identify the goals that motivate you within your role or team and commit yourself, the time and the hard work required, to achieve them. Accept that some sacrifice and hard work is necessary to achieve those goals, and is the key to exceeding expectations. Set up regular check-ins with your manager to ensure you stay focused and on task.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Are you able to keep perspective and focus when at work?
  • Are you willing to take action now and not defer action to the future?
  • Are you curious and eager to learn to achieve your goals?
  • Can you cultivate relationships within your organization to help you?
  • Can you embrace personal growth and career success?
  • Do you exhibit self-sufficiency and responsibility in your role?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice to reach your goals?
  • Are you capable of consistently working hard?

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