How your personal credibility and brand can incite trust

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A credible person practices consistency, in their words and actions. They say what they mean and do what they say. They are often trusted in their relationships, and people believe they do what they say they will because they always have. While not always a reliable indicator, charismatic people can incite a view of being credible to others.

Often experts are considered credible people, they have experience, qualifications, as well as the skills to be deemed the expert in their field. They are trustworthy, often considered honest, fair, and unselfish in their ways. Credibility is damaged when a person is caught in lies, or if they fail to fulfill their promises. it can be difficult to restore credibility. The individual is viewed as unworthy of confidence and trust.

In leadership, credibility becomes of utmost importance as it is difficult to lead a team if they do not trust you. In a highly transparent and connected online word, we have become a trust economy and the importance of credibility has to impact on the brand, business, products and services as well as an individual.

What does a higher score mean?

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You believe you have credibility, matching your words to your actions, and following through on all you say you will. You are well trusted and considered fair and considerate of others.

What does a lower score mean?

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You do not believe you have credibility, preferring to have the freedom to change your mind and not follow through on promises if it is no longer desirable. Therefore people do not always trust you to show up or follow through.

To nurture your Credibility:

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Show concern and consideration for others, if you care about people they will care about you. Avoid exaggeration and always admit when you don’t know something, this level of transparency and honesty enhances credibility and trust. Keep your promises and keep confidences for others, assume responsibility for your word and your actions. Remember actions speak louder than words, show your credibility.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Do you always tell the truth?
  • Do you follow through on promises?
  • Do you gossip?
  • Do you avoid exaggerating your capabilities?
  • Do you keep to your time commitments?
  • Do you act in accordance with what you say?
  • Are you a reliable person?
  • Do you return things you borrow?
  • Are you a loyal person?
  • Are you good at keeping private information private?
  • Do you consider yourself an expert at what you do?

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