How engagement and inclusion can create feelings of ownership

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Ownership can refer to the act of possessing something, but in this instance, we refer to the ownership of an idea, ideal, or value and bringing that forward to create change and create action. Taking ownership means feeling accountable and taking initiative, being held responsible for actions and a result, i.e. being able to tell others “you can trust me to do it, and you can trust me to do the right thing.”

Often in the workplace ownership is referred to as the monetary ownership of owning shares in the organisation you work for. This can perpetuate feelings of ownership but it is not the only, nor the most effective, of ownership. Instead, it means taking responsibility to own, deliver, and execute on a role, task, project or company objective.

This ownership comes from a sense of purpose and accomplishment felt for a job, and can be achieved by giving someone ownership over their own role, perpetuating mutual trust and confidence. It can be core to accelerating growth and development for an individual but crucially, can also propel an organization's success.

What does a higher score mean?

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You take ownership of your work, feel it is your responsibility to take initiative and to achieve results. You feel a sense of purpose in what you do and want to add value through your work.

What does a lower score mean?

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You do not take ownership of your work, perhaps not given the trust to own your role, you do not feel committed to the organisation's goal.

To nurture your ownership:

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Take your role and responsibilities seriously, and own the results of your actions. Understand the vision of the company, the goals that they are striving to achieve and then take them as your own, consider your work crucial to the success of the organisation. Get involved as much as possible in goal setting and activities where you can show initiative. Don’t be shy, share your ideas, and link them to the overall vision.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Do you have ownership over your role?
  • Do you have decision-making capabilities?
  • Do you feel loyal to your company?
  • Are you involved in goal setting for your team?
  • Is the company vision aligned with your values?
  • Do you feel you are trusted by your leader?
  • Are you encouraged to solve your own problems?

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