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A purpose-oriented person is usually ambitious and believes the end goal is all that matters, not the path to get there. They believe it is right to abandon established principles if it is in the service of achieving important tasks, projects, or goals.

In the workplace, they prefer not to work with people too principled and are able to break promises in the pursuit of success. They exhibit loyalty only while it is useful to them and as long as it serves a purpose. In those circumstances, they can act loyal but are generally more flexible to achieve their goals.

This can often be through self-interest and the determination to perform or achieve success. They believe reaching goals is enough evidence of their success and if a few people are let down in the process that is life and necessary to achieve that success.

What does a higher score mean?

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You are purpose-oriented and aim to achieve your goals. Highly ambitious you drive towards them with focus and passion and do not allow anyone or anything to stand in your way.

What does a lower score mean?

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You are not purpose-oriented and believe that the journey matters as much as the path to get there.

To nurture your Purpose-orientation:

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Consider that sometimes compromises must be made to achieve your goals. Continuous communication can help to ease broken commitments where needed and help to seek alignment to your goals. Attempt to gain buy-in from your colleagues, and teams, to ensure you do not damage relationships that are required for future success.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Are you flexible in your efforts to achieve your goals?
  • Do you have a goal focused mindset?
  • Are you able to gain buy-in for your goals?
  • Do you communicate well and often?
  • Is your drive to succeed strong?
  • Are you a rule breaker?
  • Do you break with traditions or common practice?

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