How honesty and integrity drive trustworthiness

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A trustworthy person is reliable and keeps their word, even against all odds. When they make a promise, they keep it. When they say they will do something, they do it. It is the foundation of integrity, respect, transparency, and many other values.

A trustworthy leader can increase employee engagement and employee commitment to organisational goals. They exhibit authenticity and confidence but additionally have humility and honesty. Communication is usually open and ideas flow freely, which can increase commitment to the leader, and thereby creativity and productivity.

Trustworthy people are respectful, they don’t intimidate or humiliate, or show disrespect to others. They say what they mean and mean what they say, exhibiting strong values and intense commitment to their word. They don’t gossip and keep private information private.

What does a higher score mean?

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You are a trustworthy person, you keep your promises and your word to others. You tell the truth, keep confidences, and you are highly dependable in your relationships with friends and colleagues.

What does a lower score mean?

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You do not consider yourself trustworthy, you do not always reveal the truth, or keep confidences. You are not always reliable in keeping promises, and your communications are not always sincere.

To nurture your Trust:

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Tell the truth in all circumstances and refrain from gossiping at all, under any circumstances. Be sincere, only make promises you intend to keep so that you can be perceived as reliable. Be confident and be yourself, this increases trustworthiness as people can see through insincerity. Be humble and honest, and apologize when you break trust to increase trustworthiness.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Are you honest when making commitments?
  • Do you keep to your commitments?
  • Do you do what you say you will?
  • Are you transparent?
  • Do you show up on time?
  • Do you gossip about other people?
  • Are you able to keep confident?

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