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Collaboration is the ability and desire to be part of a team, to contribute to the team and enjoy being part of a team. This means being an active member of the team, not only participating actively in meetings and conversations but also passively, listening intently. The team then collaborates, working together to reach a common goal.

Effective collaboration can help an organisation succeed, as everyone feels connected with others, and feel they are working together towards the common purpose and business goal. It can also increase flexibility, openness, and help people feel connected and engaged if they are working remotely or from home, or on a global scale.

Collaboration comes after teams have developed together, but there are skills that can achieve the same result. Such as idea sharing, brainstorming together with no judgment, taking teamwork to a higher level.

What does a higher score mean?

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You enjoy being collaborative and work within a team to achieve your goals. You can communicate, compromise, and exhibit tolerance, being a true team player.

What does a lower score mean?

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You prefer independent and autonomous work and do not enjoy collaborating with others to achieve your goals, preferring to depend on your own hard work and focus.

To nurture your Social Orientation:

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Collaboration is enhanced when everyone within the team knows the procedures and the expectations. Being open and transparent, asking for help yourself when you need it can increase collaboration and build effective teams that work. Ensure you communicate clearly and consistently with your team, and be open to offering your assistance to team members who are struggling.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Is the work environment open and transparent?
  • Is everyone on the same page, with the same goal?
  • Are you holding regular team meetings to check in how others are doing?
  • Do you offer support when you see others struggling?
  • Do you socialize outside of work?
  • Do you exhibit tolerance and acceptance within the team?
  • Can you be relied on to show up and offer support?

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