Applying for an internship in the Investment Banking Division (IBD)

We speak to an IBD recruiter at Morgan Stanley to find out what specific skills and attributes they are looking for in internship applicants
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Following on from our eight tips to help you make a successful investment banking internship application, we speak to a recruiter from the Investment Banking Division at Morgan Stanley, to find out how to tailor your application to this part of the bank.

How to tailor your application to the Investment Banking Division (IBD)

“Each area of finance brings its own challenges, and much of the work that the Investment Banking Division (IBD) does is project based, meaning the demands can often vary greatly from one day to the next.

“There are often intense periods where teams will be working on a number of projects, which are interspersed with slower intervals. It can be a demanding schedule, so resilience is one of the most important qualities we look for in potential interns.

“It’s important to show that you’re able to work under pressure, often to tight deadlines, and to be able to back this up with real-life examples. You should be prepared to answer questions about difficulties or setbacks you’ve faced and show how you’ve overcome these.

“Interviewers will adjust their expectations of a candidate based on their degree discipline and previous experience. However, regardless of your degree discipline, most firms will expect you to have at least done some reading around the subject of corporate finance. Having a grasp of the key concepts, such as the different ways you might value a company, is a great starting block and will give you something to talk about at interview.

“We also advise you spend some time reading up on notable developments in the industry, including recent M&A deals the bank might have been involved in.  Publications such as the Financial Times and the Economist are a good place to start.”

Use this advice in combination with our eight tips for a successful investment banking internship application, which are relevant for all divisions.

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