Applying for an internship in the Operations Division of an investment bank

We speak to an Operations recruiter at Morgan Stanley to find out what specific skills and attributes they are looking for in internship applicants
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Following on from our eight tips to help you make a successful investment banking internship application, we speak to a recruiter from the Operations division at Morgan Stanley to find out how to tailor your application to this part of the bank.

How to tailor your application to the Operations Division

“The Operations division is an extremely diverse area within an investment bank and it’s often one of the areas students know least about.

“Before applying, it’s essential you spend time learning about the different areas of Operations and how they fit together to support the investment bank. One way to do this is to go to a talk or careers fair on your university campus, which is a great opportunity to speak to people about the work they do.

“There is no such thing as a standard ‘Operations employee’, Analysts experience different teams to broaden expertise and business knowledge, which means the range of skills and competencies we look for tends to be broader than for other areas of the bank. A position in Operations Risk & Control for instance, can be very analytical or project based, while other roles may be more process related or client focused.

“It’s important that, in your application, you demonstrate a good blend of different skills, including ‘must-haves’ such as time management and organisational skills.

“Finally, the importance of asking questions cannot be overstated, particularly when it comes to the interview stage.  We are always impressed by candidates who show a natural curiosity for the work we do and who are constantly looking to find out more.”

Use this advice in combination with our eight tips for a successful investment banking internship application, which are relevant for all divisions.

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