Applying for an internship in the Sales & Trading Division

We speak to an Sales & Trading recruiter at Morgan Stanley to find out what specific skills and attributes they are looking for in internship applicants
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Following on from our eight tips to help you make a successful investment banking internship application, we speak to a recruiter from the Sales & Trading division at Morgan Stanley to find out how to tailor your application to this part of the bank.

How to tailor your application to the Sales & Trading Division

“Sales & Trading is ultimately a people-focused business. There’s also a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, so we’re always impressed by people who gravitate naturally towards being in a team environment, perhaps as part of a sports team or as a member of a club or society.

“As you might expect, the trading floor is a fast-moving environment. It’s a place where you have to react to new information and process it as it comes in, so being good at thinking on your feet in a logical manner is essential. Try to think of how you might demonstrate this in your application.

“Whilst you don’t need to be studying an Economics or Business degree, of course, strong numeracy skills are also important, which is where the psychometric testing stage of the application process comes in.

“While we wouldn’t necessarily expect internship candidates to have a detailed understanding of how the markets work at this stage, you should be able to talk about some of the key global exchanges such as the FTSE. You might be asked what level the market is currently at, for example, or some of the factors that are involved in sending equity prices higher or lower.

“Reading publications such as the Financial Times or the Economist is a good way to build up this knowledge base. You could also look at joining a finance or investment society on campus, which will give you access to finance events and talks by guest speakers.”

Use this advice in combination with our eight tips for a successful investment banking internship application, which are relevant for all divisions.

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