Applying for an internship in the Technology division of an investment bank

We speak to an Technology recruiter at Morgan Stanley to find out what specific skills and attributes they are looking for in internship applicants
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Following on from our eight tips to help you make a successful investment banking internship application, we speak to a recruiter from the Technology division at Morgan Stanley to find out how to tailor your application to this part of the bank.

How to tailor your application to the Technology  Division

“When it comes to Technology, what we’re really looking for above all else are people who are passionate and have a genuine love for what they do.

“Your application should certainly mention experience you’ve had with using core programming languages such as C++ or Java, however, be careful not to base your application too heavily around this, particularly as many of these skills are taught during the internship itself.

“Instead, try to focus on things you’ve done that are a bit different and make you stand out. Perhaps you build websites for your friends, or have taken courses or additional classes outside of your university studies.

“Problem solving and other soft skills are also important attributes for potential Technology interns. We’re looking to see how candidates approach a problem and work towards a solution, ideally as part of a team or group, so having examples of this can go a long way.

“While we don’t expect technology students to have an extensive understanding of financial markets, we do expect you to be able to articulate why you want to work in an investment bank. It’s a question you’re going to get asked so it makes sense to have a good answer at the ready.”

Use this advice in combination with our eight tips for a successful investment banking internship application, which are relevant for all divisions.

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