There's more to M&A at Greenhill

The boutique bank's generalist approach means you get a broader experience at the start of your career
Investment banking
Types of work

Boutique bank Greenhill doesn't engage in trading, research or sales. Instead it focuses on offering financial advice to clients, particularly M&A (mergers and acquisitions) advice.

Unlike graduate recruits at some other banks, graduate recruits at Greenhill get to work on a wide range of different projects within this field.

Here Greenhill associate Dean Rodrigues explains the advantages of this generalist approach.

Experience a range of industry sectors

"Unlike other, larger investment banks we don't have industry/sector-specific teams.

Instead, everyone gets to work on deals in a variety of sectors, from infrastructure to telecommunications.

You get to experience a wide range of deals, which is the best way to figure out what interests you, rather than having to make an ill-informed sector decision at the very beginning of your career."

See the sell-side and the buy-side

"Greenhill's generalist approach gives its graduate recruits the experience of working with both buyers (buy-side) and sellers (sell-side) on M&A deals, and I've been involved extensively in both types of work.

In January 2012 we announced Robert Wiseman Dairies PLC, the UK's biggest milk producer, had agreed to be acquired by Müller (of Fruit Corner fame). We advised Wiseman on the deal and I was involved from day one, several months earlier, when we started looking at their options.

When the deal was agreed with Müller, we had an intense couple of weeks getting everything across the line.

For publicly-listed companies like Wiseman there are regulations governing what can be done that we always had to stay on top of, but it was exciting to gradually join up all the dots.

When working with buyers, there is inherently less transaction certainty and our work often doesn't result in a finalised transaction.

In my first year as an analyst I worked on two such deals for major UK PLC clients. It involved a lot of financial modelling and analysis to determine what acquiring these businesses would mean for our clients.

Neither transaction came to fruition, but being involved was great experience."

Be a people person

"It's also great from a people skills perspective that at Greenhill you won't be isolated in a sector team or in a team doing a particular type of deal.

This is because here you get to interact with and learn from a particularly broad spectrum of people, both within Greenhill and externally."