The anatomy of Barclays: investment banking

Kieran Corcoran explores graduate roles at this universal bank
Investment banking
Where to work

Sarah Melotte

  • BSc Economics, University of Nottingham, 2008-11
  • Joined Barclays in 2011

What we do

The investment bank contains a number of divisions, including the investment banking division, where I work. Our clients are large organisations such as corporations and governments. We offer a range of capital raising, financing and risk management services, as well as providing research and advisory services.

My role

I'm part of the financial sponsors group. We build relationships with private equity firms and advise them on various transactions. On a day-to-day basis, I'll work on pitching presentations, help value companies and analyse previous deals. We work across many different types of transactions and get to collaborate with lots of other teams.

My graduate programme

Unlike some graduate programmes at Barclays, mine isn't rotational - you join a particular desk straight away. But everyone here goes through an initial training programme to get up to speed on financial knowledge. After that, the majority of your learning happens on the job - you pick up a lot of information day-to-day.

As a graduate, you are given the opportunity to take on responsibility early on in your role. In my team, junior members are able to work with senior colleagues - my work is shared with managing directors and I'm able to take ownership of my tasks.

Working across Barclays

Within investment banking you constantly work with a wide range of teams from across Barclays. We frequently interact with the corporate bank and will recommend clients to them who might be more suited to some of their services than ours. There can be some overlap between the services we provide to clients though.

Qualities you need to work here

The most important thing is to be a people person, since a huge part of the job is building and maintaining relationships, and not just with external clients. You need to respect and work alongside all sorts of people at the bank to get work done efficiently and effectively for your clients.

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