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Berenberg may be the second oldest bank in the world, but they're not afraid of doing things differently. To give just one example, while most banks ring-fence their equity research, Berenberg makes all of its research in this area available to everyone online to allow it to reach as wide an audience as possible.

To learn more about Berenberg, its equity research team, and why what the bank offers graduates is also distinctive, we spoke to Laura Janssens, Co-Head of Research at Berenberg, who's involved in graduate recruitment.

"The way we work at Berenberg may go against the grain, but we're always interested in doing things our own way. We make our equity research available online because we're incredibly proud of the work this team does.

Our competitors often attempt to restrict access to their research, but the reality of the internet is that it still finds its way out into the wider world. By publishing our research through our own media centre, we're able to maintain control of it and ensure it's read by as many people as possible.

Making our research easily accessible also has the benefit of showcasing our work to new potential clients. By allowing them to engage with our findings, we hope they'll want to build a relationship with us.

Using innovative strategies like this one has been really successful for us, and we've enjoyed tremendous growth over the last couple of years.

What graduates joining Berenberg can expect

We're keen to recruit talented graduates to help us grow further, and here you'll get to learn many different things. For example, in equity research that will include everything from modelling to what goes into writing a research report.

Wherever you are, you'll also get plenty of experience of meeting clients. You'll gradually develop your own area of work, but there'll always be a safety net of more experienced people around you.

Graduates will eventually be part of the associate training programme, which has been developed to improve your skills and knowledge.

On this programme external experts train associates in advanced technical skills and in the soft skills you'll also need as you progress further, like how to give a good presentation. You're also given access to some of the most senior people within the bank, each of whom trains you in a different specialised area.

A long-term career

We commit a lot of time and resources to training those who join us as they progress in their careers because we want them to be at Berenberg for many years.

Once you're ready for a new opportunity, we'll find a role for you, even if it means moving you to another team. Recently, for example, we moved a promising junior equity analyst from the household and personal care sector team to head the UK retail sector team. We hire people we think have the potential to be leaders here one day.

Applying to Berenberg

*We asked Laura for her application tips. *

  • You don't need a particular academic background

We take people from all degree backgrounds, so you don't need to be an economist or mathematician to apply.

  • Numeracy skills are important We look for people who are comfortable with numbers.

  • You need an aptitude for sales Selling is an important part of the job, and we look for people with the ability to do so.

  • Be interested in the financial markets

We expect you to be interested in the financial markets and what makes companies tick.

  • Be passionate

Many of the CVs we get are spectacular, so at interview we want to see if you have the spark we're looking for.

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