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Bloomberg and you

What does this global data organisation do? And what's on offer for graduates here? Hannah Langworth finds out from Bloomberg recruiter Mieke Contreras
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*What does Bloomberg do? *

Bloomberg connects its clients to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas. Our strength - quickly and accurately delivering data, news and analytics through innovative technology - is at the core of everything we do. We deliver business and financial information, news and insights around the world and have over 15,000 employees in 192 locations. The Bloomberg Professional service sits at the core of our network. We provide unmatched visibility into global and local financial markets and the world of business to over 300,000 active subscribers. Bloomberg's media services - television, print, radio and online services - support and enhance our core offerings.

Who are Bloomberg's clients?

Bloomberg's clients are influential decision makers in a diverse range of sectors, including finance, government and regulation.

What do you look for in graduates?

We look at the individual as well as what they've studied or what their experience is. We don't require specific backgrounds or degrees and value diversity of experience when recruiting for entry-level roles. A passion for the financial markets is a must, and we look for people who are driven and have a desire to succeed. In addition, we seek people who are culturally aware, intellectually agile, and excited by change.

We also focus on a candidate's motivation. Why do you want to work at Bloomberg specifically? Why have you decided to apply for a particular position within our company? Where do you see your career going long-term? Even if you don't know the answers to these questions exactly, it's important to have an idea about your mid to long-term career goals rather than saying you don't know.

In return, graduates who come to work here can expect immediate responsibility and the opportunity to excel in sales, software, data, technology, finance, news, and beyond. They will focus on building and defining their own career, rather than climbing a predefined ladder.

What training do graduates at Bloomberg get?

All graduates receive on the job training specific to the role they'll be doing.

We also have an ongoing training function called the Bloomberg University, which gives employees the opportunity to take courses to further their existing skills and knowledge. You can learn more about anything from equities to Excel skills. We deliver hundreds of these training courses every year to make sure that our employees don't come to a standstill in their careers.

How much flexibility is there for graduates to progress into different teams and into more senior roles?

We want graduates to come on board, give as much as they can to their initial role, and then look at where they want to move within the company. We have a very strong focus on career development and career mobility because we want people to keep on improving and progressing.

People move within departments or to other areas of the business to further their careers. You could move from data analysis to HR, or from customer support to finance - it really depends on where you want to go. If you can prove that you have a passion for a particular area of Bloomberg's business and that you want to develop your career in that direction, you'll often be able to get experience there.

Due to our flat hierarchical structure, and the proactive nature of our employees we see lots of movement throughout the company. So our employees are very well-rounded and bring lots of knowledge from other departments when they go into a new one.

What advice do you have for those interested in applying to Bloomberg?

Make sure you're up to date with what's happening in the finance world in general. But it's important to find out what interests you in particular and focus on learning more about it. Is there a certain asset class or country that fascinates you? Focus on this area and find out what the best information sources are to keep you tapped in and up to date.

What does the future hold for Bloomberg and its employees?

At the moment there are about 2,700 people working at Bloomberg in London. We have a new building under construction in the City, due to be completed by around 2016, which will be big enough for 5,000 employees. There will be a lot of growth in the London office in the coming years, and graduates joining us will be a critical part of our organisation moving forward.

Even though Bloomberg is a global organisation, it still has a small company feel in many ways. Everyone gets involved, everyone is approachable, and there's not a huge focus on hierarchy - we don't have any private offices and the chairman sits at a desk like anyone else's. So you'll get plenty of opportunities to speak to more experienced people and to learn from them as you move forward in your career. At Bloomberg there's a lot of scope for you to develop as an individual - and to make a difference to the organisation's development.

Opportunities for graduates at Bloomberg

There are four main areas in which you could join Bloomberg as a graduate: Data Products, Financial Products, Research & Development, and Operations. Bloomberg recruits on an ongoing basis so you can apply for positions at any time across the year.

1. Data Products

The Data Products team focuses on providing the data that powers Bloomberg products and functions.

As a graduate, you could work in:

*Global Data: *Those working here take responsibility for maintaining Bloomberg's data in a particular field. They look for information that clients would find useful and make sure it's easy to find and understand. They may answer client queries relating to their area.

2. Financial Products

The Financial Products team focuses on the delivery of the Bloomberg Professional service.

As a graduate, you could work in:

Analytics: Those in this team use their knowledge of the financial markets and the Bloomberg Professional service, which has 30,000 functions built into its software, to respond to client queries. After working in the analytics team, the next step in your career would be to move into Sales and work on generating new revenue for the company, while managing existing relationships.

3. Research & Development

Research & Development is responsible for the development and maintenance of Bloomberg's software.

As a graduate, you could work in:

Software Development: This team works on the software that the Bloomberg terminals use - on developing new software, software enhancement and maintenance of existing functions.

4. Operations

The Operations team is responsible for overseeing Bloomberg's technological infrastructure.

As a graduate, you could work in:

*Global Customer Support: *Those working here are a first point of contact for Bloomberg's clients. The department fields all telephone calls, and refers clients on to other teams where appropriate.

*Global Technical Support: *This team helps clients with any technical issues they have with the Bloomberg terminal, which could be anything from a networking problem to a biometric device malfunction.

Installations: The installations department co-ordinates the process of setting up Bloomberg terminals for clients, making sure everything arrives at the right place at the right time, and project-managing the procedure from start to finish.


Internships are available in all of these areas, and also in Bloomberg News. Applications for Bloomberg's 2012 summer internships are currently open.