How AI (Artificial Intelligence) could BREAK “recruiting for diversity”

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Topics: Human Capital, Cognitive Diversity, AI, Culture Analytics

Title: How AI (Artificial Intelligence) could BREAK “recruiting for diversity”

This blog post comes complete with a 12 min webinar taken from the event, watch below. Continue reading for the TL;DR version:

Location: Mercedes showroom, Luxembourg City
Audience: Recruiters, Human Resources, In-house talent acquisition
Speaker: James Grant, CEO of Weavee

Recruiting for Diversity

Luxembourg is a compact and beautiful city, the community is tight-knit, highly professional and experienced. As the country with the world’s highest GDP per capita, it was important to choose a tone and topic that spoke to the room.

I chose “Recruiting for Diversity” as it is a top trend for senior corporate executive in the coming year. It is also one of the key items Weavee solves as a HR Tech startup entering into the business world.

Artificial Intelligence will play a key role in the business diversity initiatives of the future; but how will recruiters fit into the process? How can their ability be enhanced even further? The key areas of data measurement and AI recommendation are covered in the talk.

With AI built to find the best possible answer, it is poised to grow quickly in market adoption. With the wrong data input AI has the potential to reinforce stereotypes and unconscious biases that diversity recruiting aims to remove.

It has been proven companies focusing on recruiting for diversity have higher financial returns but how do you ensure an unconscious bias-free company? People Analytics will enhance the recruitment process; can this be done ethically? Watch below to learn

About the event: http://www.recruitersday.lu/

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