How the Big Five helps you gain a deeper understanding of your motivations

Understanding personality psychology

At Weavee, our foundational theory takes the form of an empirically-backed methodology, rooted in the field of personality psychology.

Although the theories date back many years and examine personality from many domains, modern science and research have advanced significantly. With an academically-supported approach, we’ve condensed the most relevant and informative elements of that research, to help you understand your personality.

Our measurement tool is a survey generated from the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP) a scientifically developed inventory of items developed for the purpose of measuring personality (Goldberg et al, 2006). Our 120-item survey offers a reliable way to get an accurate measurement of your personality as it relates to the Big Five.

The impact an individual’s personality can have on their work life has obvious influences on their motivation as well. Researchers studying the effect of personality on motivation have suggested a clear link between certain facets of the Big Five and motivation (Parks, & Guay, 2009). This link remains present, even when controlling for the details of how one defines “motivation” (Judge, R. Ilies, 2002). Furthermore, neuroticism has been linked to a concept known as self-efficacy (related to self-confidence) which has been shown to significantly influence levels of individual motivation (Judge, Erez, & Bono, 1998, Bandura & Locke, 2003).

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