How understanding the main personality facets improves your career chances

What are the benefits of higher self-awareness?

Understanding your personality is an outstanding tactic to unlock self-knowledge and create self-awareness, a smart way to truly tap into your human capital potential.

The impact an individual’s personality can have on their work life has large influences on their motivation as well. Researchers studying the effect of personality on motivation have suggested a clear link between certain facets of the Big Five and motivation (Parks, & Guay, 2009). This link remains present, even when controlling for the details of how one defines “motivation” (Judge, R. Ilies, 2002). Furthermore, neuroticism has been linked to a concept known as self-efficacy (related to self-confidence) which has been shown to significantly influence levels of individual motivation and happiness. (Judge, Erez, & Bono, 1998, Bandura & Locke, 2003).

In 2017 Google’s People Analytics team stated: “Psychological safety drives effectiveness because it inspires a learning culture, which is beneficial to any organization”. We are building on Google’s research with our “Team Health“ tool, improvement here can make up to 36% difference between low performing and high performing teams.

Weavee delivers relevant advice based on employee career personality goals while layering in critical information on how to nurture employee growth through continuous improvement tips relevant to Team DNA. Weavee uses the scientifically approved Big Five psychrometric to achieve cohesive teams and improve performance.

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