How the Big Five is the most relevant predictor of workplace success

What is the importance of the Big Five?

There are many well known psychometric models, such as MBTI, Insights, DISC, etc, that have entered the mainstream, yet the scientific community consistently recommend the Big Five because it is the most relevant predictor of workplace success.

Personality can be a strong predictor of performance - our core motivations and beliefs often do not change through our lifetime - and the Big Five is the only method able to accurately and consistently identify our true self.

The Career Personality Appraisal is based on the Big Five not only because it is a well-accepted academic psychological model, but also because it is the most trusted personality-based psychometric tool that predicts how individuals will react to different situations within the workplace.

While other models provide convenient categorizations, they do not allow for actionability and application on the same scale as the Big Five. Underscoring the Big Five attributes are six sub-facets, which deliver insights for recruiting, career progression and overall workplace effectiveness; these are applicable to an individual, team dynamics, and organizational design.

The appraisal is designed to help individuals understand their own personality, their intrinsic motivators, and use this knowledge to succeed in their career. It is based on five dimensions of an individual’s personality that accurately gauge responses to situations and the extent to which an individual may exhibit.

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