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Higher agreeableness

Charlotte - Servant Leader

“This made me realise how transferable skills truly are and the potential I have for moving between jobs and careers.”

Charlotte prefers to work behind the stage and quietly lead by example


Natalie - Client Focused Personality

“I have hugely improved my CV for future employers from the ideas Weavee has given me.”

Natalie prefers to empathise with people and build long sustainable relationships

Balanced agreeableness

James - Ethical Leader

“I now understand what I can do to support my strengths and weakness.”

James places very high value on principles and ethical practices within the workplace

What are the main factors we help you discover

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Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism

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What are the leadership styles you exhibit and to what tendencies? What do you need to do to improve?

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What soft skills does your personality indicate you may have? Learn the traits you can use to improve your profile

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We commit to helping you discover your personality, find jobs based on your personality and access your career potential

We help you solve important personal, career and workplace questions - for example

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How can I reduce workplace stress?

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What jobs fit my personality?


How to improve interview success?


What is my leadership style?


What skills do I have?


What are my most unique traits?

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Your personal investment will help create big improvements in how you can become happier, healthier and more productive in your life and entire career


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We use over 150 of your unique markers to provide evidence based detail into what you would most likely benefit from within your personal development


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Career Benefit Subscription

+ Full report on your traits +
+ Ongoing career advice +
- £3 per month -

Why choose Weavee to support your career?


Modern professional psychology

Our measurement process, developed in London, uses a survey generated from the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP) a scientifically developed inventory of items developed for the purpose of measuring personality (Goldberg et al, 2006) which is proven to be higher in quality than many other appraisals


We only use credible research

The Big 5 factors are influential on an individual's satisfaction in work, life and for organizational fit (Judge and Cable 1997), interview outcomes (Caldwell & Burger, 1998), and overall performance within an organization (Hogan & Holland, 2003). The reasearch confirms the benefits to you of using our service throughtout your career


Decades of public domain research

We have an academically-supported approach, and have condensed the most relevant and informative elements of professional research to help you understand the keys which will help unlock your true potential

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