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50% of HR Directors cite employee engagement and employee retention as their biggest obstacles. At Weavee employees voluntarily complete their profile for their own career development and self-empowerment in relation to their current workplace. An aggregated sample of insights and recommendations are shown below to help you understand how to intrinsically motivate your people. Using this breadth of information will help your teams reach their full engagement potential and maximize team effectiveness

Insights based on: 119 NHS participants and 14280 data-points

People analysis at NHS - Insight into employee personality

Companies with high levels of engagement see profitability increase by 21%. Using the information available you can easily understand the help people need to succeed


are happy to admit to mistakes/errors

90% of people say that it's important to work for a company that embraces transparency


are strongly motivated by the well-being of others

Volunteering leads to 82% of people feeling more committed to their workplace


tend to feel anxiety, fear, and restlessness in their daily lives

Mental health problems cost £1,300 for every employee in lost morale and performance

Culture analysis of NHS - Insight into personal values

Companies with high levels of engagement see customer retention increase by 18%, how do the people of NHS prefer to work in a team?


Enabling other people within teams to communicate openly
What this means


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For inclusivity management take into account
of people do not have high trust
of people do not have high morality
of people do not have high modesty
of people do not have high sympathy


The focus on being genuine and coming across as trustworthy and committed
What this means


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For authenticity management take into account
of people do not have high trust
of people do not have high morality
of people do not have high altruism


What this means

Complete correctly and meet or exceed expectations.

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For quality management take into account
of people have high conscientiousness
of people do not have high dutifulness
of people do not have high self-discipline
of people do not have high cautiousness
of people do not have high activity-level

Benefiting from Human Capital at NHS - Using the insight

In the UK, disengagement has been calculated to cost £2,048 per employee, how can you help the people of NHS be more happy and healthy in their work-lives?

Example challenges within teams which affect performance

Why are people not excited by team building exercises...?

Consider: Are they people who do not naturally like to collaborate? Maybe the team should be managed differently?

Will people respond well to senior leadership shakeups...?

Consider: What is the natural resistant to change? Would slower integration reduce the risk of culture shock?

Why does a team not directly engage with the organization...?

Consider: The team tends toward introversion. Would reducing our interaction levels with the employees lead to more sales?

How does Weavee generate the insight you need?

Big Five Methodology

Using a modern and academically approved psychometric for industry level insight

Linguistic Analysis

Evaluation of patterns and trends of skill set and personality

Machine Learning

Analysis of millions of datapoints to generate accurate advice and recommendations

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How to solve your team management problems

Automate employee engagement and make people management easy

Using technology to map groups of people within a business reduces the guess work in employee management. This leads to a reduction in employee-manager related problems like absenteeism

Use data to reduce the costly mistakes of employee mismanagement

Weavee highlights the areas where high employee engagement leads to higher performance. Enabling you to identify team culture gaps in underutilized areas of the business and build the correct solution

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