Built for leaders to inspire and engage their teams

Receive Huge Diversity Improvements

Understand every dimension from personality, motivations, leadership and EQ to skillset, certifications, engagement and advocacy

Drive Employee Engagement

Measure people's intrinsic motivations, nurture culture shifts and build natural happiness and advocacy throughout the employee experience

Access Untapped Potential

Identify gaps in the employee life-cycle, transform your people management and increase your holistic decision making capability

Are you identifying gaps in your team design?

Weavee’s people analytics platform maps culture markers to your business's high performers, enabling you to seek out untapped potential within your team and fill the gaps through recruitment, succession or learning and development
  • Instant feedback on strength and weaknesses in team dynamic based on your objectives

  • Best in class organizational network analysis for making holistic decisions

  • Use the Big Five, an industry strength psychometric, for improving team cohesion

Natural Alignment to Innovation - 100%
No gaps identified, keep up the good work!

Natural Alignment to Inclusivity - 75%
Gap identified: Your team scores low on trust
low | high
Focus on trust building activities and increasing transparency

Are you appealing to your teams intrinsic motivators?

Using a unique combination of personality and culture data, Weavee equips you with the insights to develop and identify high potential people
  • Weekly people analytics feedback on how your teams intrinsic motivators are being met

  • A combination of culture analytics and machine learning combine to identify your culture cornerstones

  • Measure scientifically to inform key culture engineering and business strategy decisions

Your team is motivated by altruism
low | high
Altruistic people are generous and caring, focused on the well-being of others
65% of people report their intrinsic needs are being met
low | high
Focus on cooperative social good activities to improve this score

Are you automating career development?

Every person on Weavee is given advice on how their personal development decisions affect their career opportunities for free. Using huge datasets and industry norms to automatically find what's right for them
  • Free feedback on how your personality fits to different leadership styles and corporate values

  • Weekly check ins and tips actions and tips on how to maximize personal needs and fulfillment

  • Automatic potential career paths mapping, providing transparency on how personal development decisions affect opportunities

Being more adventurous can help the team become
more open in dealing with problems
more likely to take risks
faster at learning new things

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