About Weavee

The smartest way to reach your human capital potential

Weavee is an organically growing Human Resource technology company with a SaaS product as it's core value offering. Weavee has changed the way people think and work across many businesses in it's short time on the market. Every business using Weavee receives access to the skills and expertise of the Weavee team in addition to the core benefits of the technology. You can learn how the technology benefits you by visiting the Science page. Below is a overview of what the Weavee product and team actively champions when you use it in your workforce transformation


To be the destination for leaders to build winning teams


To transform employee engagement for the future of work and champion good practices in the way people are managed


Trust, transparency, collaboration, leadership

Code of Conduct

Weavee is committed to improving the workplace experience as such we will

Always act and process your personal information with integrity, fairness, inclusivity and openness. We give full respect and treat all with equality and dignity without exception

Champion the mission, vision and values of Weavee and it's community to drive forward workplace quality and personal career development opportunities

Provide a positive, actionable and high-value experience for those using the Weavee service and prospective members of the wider community

Maintain quality standards of data collection based off of valid and scientifically-based research

Present insights that are accurate and will not mislead users through distortion or intentional misinterpretation of findings

Strictly adhere to the laws and regulations surrounding collection and storage of personal data

Endeavour to promote workplace diversity and eliminate discriminatory practices

Cultivate ethical and legitimate business practices and expect our clients to do the same

Value knowledge, working with local university students to foster innovative future leaders